Send a Top-up

to a friend or loved one

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Send airtime minutes and/or data credit to your friends and loved ones anywhere in the world

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Gift Cards

Send to your relatives in Central America Gift Cards for the services they need: supermarket, medicines, and more.

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Lock Backup

Lock Backup is the best place to store your files and data. You can access them on the cloud from any device.

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Our customer service team is ready to answer any question you have about our products. If you are already an America Voice customer, our team is always there to help answer any question and resolve any of your concerns.

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Learn about our products and join the America Voice family. Send Top-ups to anyone in the world. Find out about the different promotions we have for you and all your friends and loved ones.

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Around United States

With more than 5,000 dealers throughout the United States, you can be sure to find products nearby regardless of your location.

For 11 years we have worked tirelessly to connect families and friends who are separated by long distances. We are a company dedicated to provide the best services that manages to maintain that vital connection with your family and friends, making them always feel part of your daily life. We reinvent ourselves every day, offering new products and services designed specifically for migrant communities in the US and Canada.